Vaccine against infectious coryza and avian salmonellosis.

It contains Avibacterium paragallinarum strains, A, B and C serovars and Salmonella gallinarum and Salmonella enteritidis inactivated with formaldehyde, suspended in oil adjuvant (Tween 80, Arlacel C and mineral oil).

Indications: follow veterinary advisor criteria. Follow the norms on the application of injectable vaccines in birds.
Collateral effects, possible incompatibility and antagonism: may produce temporary inflammation in injection point. Administration of this product may provoke positive reactions of agglutination with the serum of vaccinated birds to Salmonella rapid agglutination antigen.

Doses: 0,3 ml per bird
Way of application: subcutaneous in breast
Conservation: Keep refrigerated between 4 and 8ºC. Do not freeze.
Presentation: Bottle containing 500 ml (1666 doses)
Mode of use: shake vigorously before and during vaccination. Indicated for of breeder and laying hens rearing. Prior to receiving this vaccine, immunization with 2 doses of salmonella gallinarum 9R strain vaccine is recommended.
Validity period: 24 month since production date.

SENASA certificate N° 16-081

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