Vaccine against infectious coryza and avian salmonellosis suspended in aluminum hydroxide.

It contains Avibacterium paragallinarum strains, A, B and C serovars and Salmonella gallinarum and Salmonella enteritidis inactivated with formaldehyde, suspended in aluminum hydroxide.

Indications: follow veterinary advisor criteria. Follow the norms on the application of injectable vaccines in birds.

Collateral effects: possible incompatibility and antagonism: may produce temporary inflammation in injection point. Administration of this product may provoke positive reactions of agglutination with the serum of vaccinated birds to Salmonella rapid agglutination antigen.

Do not vaccinate birds during laying period.
Do not use within 30 days prior to sacrifice.

SENASA Certificate: 16-080


Dose 0,5 ml per bird.
Way Of Application Subcutaneous or intramuscular.
Conservation Keep refrigerated between 4 and 8ºC. Do not freeze.
Presentation Bottle containing 500 ml (1000 doses).
Validity period 24 months since elaboration date.
Mode of use Shake vigorously before and during vaccination. Indicated for breeder and laying hens rearing. Prior to receiving this vaccine, immunization with 2 doses of salmonella gallinarum 9R strain vaccine is recommended.
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