Vaccine against Avian Pasteurellosis (Cholera) and Avian Colibacillosis.

Elaborated with Avian Pasteurella multocida strains: X 73 (type 1), P 1059 (type 3) and 1662 (type 4) and Escherichia coli strains inactivated with formaldehyde and absorbed in aluminum hydroxide.
Recommended for prevention of Pasteurellosis or Avian Cholera and Colibacillosisin chickens and turkeys.
For better results, a second vaccination, separated by no less than 21 days from the first doses is recommended.

CONSERVATION: Keep refrigerated between 4 and 8ºC. Do not freeze.
MODE OF USE: shake well before use. At the moment of application, it is recommended that the product is at room temperature.
DOSES: o,5 ml per bird
WAY OF APPICATION: subcutaneous or intramuscular
VALIDITY PERIOD: 24 months since elaboration date.
PRESENTATION: Bottle containing 500 ml (1000 doses)

SENASA certificate N° 07-007

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